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Stuck for ideas?


Give us a call at 630.810.1389 or email us by using the form on our contact page.  

Tell us about your project, what you are looking to accomplish, or simply what you need help with!


Not sure where you need help?  Do you have multiple rooms or spaces that need a fresh eye?  After your intial call or email,

our designer will talk to you in more detail to determine what you are looking for and reviewing your needs.  Once we get a sense

of your style and know what you are trying to accomplish, we will schedule a time for you to meet.

hourly rate of $125 / hour



This is where we begin.  Our designer will meet with you for a minimum of two hours and give you on the spot advice for the

projects or rooms you need help with.  You can use the time however you'd like - from brainstorming and picking paint colors to

styling and selecting materials or window treatments.  After the consultation, you can choose to continue with our services below.



An inspiration board of sorts, full of ideas for furniture, paint colors, fabric swatches, pillows, accessories, artwork, the works.  Minimum of four hours. 



For the client who wants help with everything from the ground up!  Kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, concept, layout, sourcing, managing orders, installation of design, furnishing an entire home.  When you have a larger project that you need a lot of help with, full-scale interior design is the way to go.  An agreed upon retainer fee will be collected based on the scope of your project.



With an onsite drapery workroom & our competitive pricing, rest assured that your custom window trimmings will not only be one of a kind, but meticulously primmed, stitched and measured to fit your space. Our designer will be with you every step of the way, from concept design to installation.

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